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This story comes straight out of a Bollywood movie. But one, close to my heart. Its got all the elements: The drama, the joy, the sorrows, the families, the marriage, the aftermath, the joint family, the years…and my parents!

Flashback to late 80s where Shikha, Customer Service Assistant at Kodak meets Sanjay, Manager at Kodak. Poles apart, a little background to them.

Shikha: Gorgeous looking & petite apple-of-the-eye, obedient and disciplined child of her parents, career oriented and free of vices!

Sanjay: The rebellious, live life to the fullest, curious to try out new things even though he knows it will burn like hell, outgoing and full of vices!

The typical…it obviously wasn’t love at first sight! The matchmaking colleagues and the ‘heart to heart connection miles apart’ got them together and thus, started the courting!

A good healthy two years on, they decided to make it official. Enter the families; from Sanjay’s side – ‘The Kashyaps’ and from Shikha’s side – ‘The Jains’. Sanjay being a Christian and Shikha a Jain, although would have become a deadly combination but the familias¬†wouldn’t budge and accept their relationship. Classic Bollywood, where Sanjay moves on to choose other prospects and Shikha exemplifying the saying, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman Scorned’ wins her man back!

Eventually after much consolation & convincing, the families give their blessings. Consequently born were Siddhant & Sanjana! Hop-scotching cities and traversing their ups and downs, joys and sorrows, pain and happiness… a good 19 years before Sanjay breathed his last.

Their love wasn’t measured by the way they got together…but how they stuck together. They did live up to the vows of ’till death do us apart.’ Falling in love is easy…but swimming through its deep waters and currents and just going on…now that’s difficult…But for them, t’was with grace, strength and the love they had for each other.

On this date, being their 22nd anniversary, pulling this post off with 10 minutes to spare on the IST! I’d like to raise a toast to the everlasting love of that 90’s couple!


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