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We were mocked upon on their ground. Wrong decisions, 11 men against 9, an offside winning goal that wasn’t.

We stood on their same soil three days later. We brought in our young lads…unsung heroes…and our legend.

Without a protest we played a clean match, all we asked for is raise a hand if you are spotless. Yet with a squad of newly bud reds, we held you down to a one goal difference. Well done lads! We accepted defeat humbly & bowed down from the cup with grace.

Our past could not be erased, but our future could be shaped. None can now tell us about wrong decisions for we overlooked many without qualms. None could mock us about 9 men when they were playing against our kids. You merely lost points while we lost our chance.

For we know a new dawn arises. We fall. We rise. We conquer.

Let them struggle to keep their flag flying high while we, united, bask in our glory…


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