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Kya Rakha Hai Iss Sheher Mein?…Dil Basa Hai Boss!

Where the sun sets in the sea and rises up from the sky scrapper right across my apartment! I’ve heard people curse this place more than they love it…and Why Not?! It is a perfect recipe for disaster and loathing! Yet they can’t leave this place, for the simple fact – It’s home!

A street right outside your door will consist of hawkers engulfing the sidewalk and no matter how much ever we curse them, we still buy stuff from them! Now the roads, you’ll be lucky enough to find a divider on the road for starters. Secondary, if you want to live, you need to look both sides at all times (if possible, simultaneously) to cross the road! As for the traffic…here goes:

You’ll need

  • Overflowing amount of frustrated drivers with cars, bikes, etc.
  • Moody disco light signals at each junction
  • Blind B.E.S.T. Bus & Truck drivers
  • Self destructive & Suicidal Pedestrians
  • Sense of not following traffic rules
  • Swarm of black and yellow public transport


  • Mix all together!

Note: Best made during 8 a.m. – 10 a.m & 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

No matter how suited up you are or how swanky your car is…we still stop for the occasional 4 p.m. chai(tea) at any small makeshift stalls called tapris! Cutting Chai or half a glass of tea for 5 bucks will get you through the evening! Vada Pav is our staple diet…our nutrition ain’t complete without it! Alternatively, Idli Vada does the needful!

Our pride: The Garbage & The Potholes! Its a huge population to handle so don’t point fingers at us, on the contrary, it creates employment opportunities! The adornment of the streets with the air filled with its aroma..its a part and parcel of our life. Initially we condemned it…now we live with it! Bombay is an Off-Roader’s Paradise…as well as for the garbage-feasting population!

The Nightlife: We either party at a club or at someone’s pad, go home or some other chap’s home and sleep…OR… wander aimlessly in the night, eating Chinese food at our local station, stroll at the beach, evading cops and just drive by those disco signals! The nightlife of Bombay is an inevitable part of our lives…we either work, party or reminisce!


The Bars: Our story starts at a really dim place where either a match or a South Indian movie is broad casted followed by the condiments of peanuts, chaklis, papads, szechuan sauce and/or green chutney with the choicest range of liquors starting from Desis to Bacardis!

CAUTION: All glass bottles should be kept on the EMPTY adjacent table!


Sightseeing: If you tell us to show you Mumbai…we will direct you to one place – Mumbai Darshan. The bus takes you to all the places apparently ‘worthwhile’ to see in Bombay, which includes: Gateway of India, Juhu Beach, Shivaji Park, Malabar Hill, Marine Drive and uh… forget it…Google will help you better! Our sightseeing primarily includes a good fight/quarrel/argument/loud voices etc!


All in all, We still get on to the trains/buses no matter if it’s a couple of limbs that our life depends on…We work hard, party harder…Most probably every guy in Bombay has taken a leak by the side of the road…We walk through shit…We treat stray dogs as our own…We take God seriously…Sachin Tendulkar even more seriously!…We give Paris a run for their money in matters of PDA!…We won’t be hawking around big star’s bungalows but will crowd the Electonics Store to catch the match!….We dance on the roads during festivities…We bargain at almost anything, be it your Wal-Mart!…We fight for 1-2 rupees with the rickshaw guy…Our beggars are most probably richer than us…We fight, abuse and vent out our frustrations but without a blink of an eye, We’d help our own and others in times of needs; be it the terrorist attacks, the floods,etc….every cop is our maternal uncle…every old guy is paternal uncle…No matter where you are from, we will speak to you in Marathi!…and the list goes on!

One can’t describe Bombay in paragraphs and lines! I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot! The beauty of Bombay needs to be experienced, don’t be beguiled by her looks…she tends to put people off and I surely was one of them! Bombay is picturesque in its own unique way much like Picasso’s works…Many call it absurd, others call it acquired taste…we call it home!

Photo Credits:

Shrirang Swarge 

Sanjana Kashyap 

Google Images


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Everytime it rains in Bombay, it always brings in a surprise for us inhabitants of this coastal strip of land. From the Deluge of 2005 to the November Rain of 2009…the Drops of Bombay is my most favourite part of this maximum city!


I shifted to Bombay in 2000 and before then, I had been living in places where people only knew 4 seasons or where they hadn’t seen rain for ages! So naturally, it was nothing less than an adrenaline rush to experience the rains.


As a kid, my favourite part was playing soccer at our local playground which we christened ‘Old Trafford’ after the stadium of Manchester United. Drenched and dirt lathered we enjoyed every drop that fell on us and never grew tired of it till date!

Every year, the rains bring in a new experience. Be it work, a holiday, an outing,etc. Rains is one season I don’t miss for anyone and surely it does hold true for a lot of Bombayites! Festivals such as Ganpati Visarjan and Janmashtami are enjoyed thoroughly in the rains!

It never rains in Bombay, it pours and 2005 saw the worst of it. The city that never sleeps found its match in nature. Never saw Bombay in that light…it became Venice overnight! What started as a normal day for everyone with the same heavy showers took everyone aback with its evening diabolical twist. Pitch black water laden roads…not a sound of the night life of Bombay, but the sounds of the rain just pouring and it seemed like it had come to stay. Thousands stranded away from their abode including my own parents found solace in one another. Bunking in buses and rickshaws for the night was the only logical solution.

Eventually arose dawn and so did the renowned ‘Bombay Spirit’ – get up off the ground, dust your self and get back to work! Work, in this context meant – lets get the city back in order! People with boats and ropes started transporting people. Buses and SUVs started moving in low clogged areas. General stores started supplying necessities. Declogging & Drainage of the flood was initiated in full force. Better still, anyone and everyone could lend their helping hand. I did my bit and I do feel proud! Even today, each Bombayite has their own proud story to tell about that incident!


November rain in 2009 was simply blissful. An unexpected surprise due to the a whirlpool build up in the Arabian sea, it was amazing just to sit at the beach with Nachu and just watch the rains just come towards you embracing you in her arms! All this followed by the tunes of November Rain, Nothing Else Matters & Hotel California on the terrace with Rohan. The ice-cold drops did go very well with Mr. Old Monk!


And now, in another twist of events…instead of October Heat, we have October Lightnings accompanied with the showers of the sky. Taking cue from the ‘Kansas City Shuffle’, I walked down the old dusty road right in to it where people ran for shelter from it.


I couldn’t help but smile and introspect at the fact that the Drops of Bombay is an aquired taste…not everyone can like and cherish it. Its moody and unpredictable. It brings out a boulevard of emotions in a person but what it truly brings out is the look at the sky and the smile from the heart


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