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Nothing Else Matters

I often tell my friends, let this be my requiem, play this song when you are taking me in the wooden casket and placing me six feet under below the ground. This how I want to be remembered. This what I want to share with you, This is how we should live.

The Track – Nothing Else Matters, originally composed and performed by the Heavy Metal band Metallica back in 1991, I had no clue about this song till 6 years ago. The rebellious teenager that I was, Hard Rock & Metal songs were my daily supplement! Researching heavily in this genre at that point of time became my life’s goal. Drowning in their music was like an addiction. But this track in particular had something different about it.

Compared to the conventional high pitch notes with loud fast and rhythmic drum beats of the conventional heavy metal genre, this track starts out slow with it memorable tune and progressively continues  with the climax and the tune ending the song.

The music video showcases the band members: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hamett & Jason Newsted recording for their single and in a candid set-up have captured their real emotions. although more than 20 covers of this song have come up, and me personally believing that most covers are better than their originals, Their has not been one cover till date that can match or surpass the standards of what Metallica has set for Nothing Else Matters.

As for the lyrics of the song…simply beautiful! James Hetfield initially came up with the lyrics for his then girlfriend while speaking to her over the phone. It then became the band’s song, dedicated to their fans. Part of the lyrics which pretty much sums up the whole song because of its repetition is as follows:

So close no matter how far
Couldn’t be much more from the heart
Forever trust in who we are
And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don’t just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

I believe these words hold differently for different people as per their situation or their need. Regardless it never fails to capture your thought process. It’s a song that truly touches one’s soul. By the end of the song and if you truly would  listen to it with your heart, it promises to bring a smile on your face. It had, It has and will always bring a smile on my face, even while finally resting six feet under!


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Born in July’86, she was definitely a one of a kind. As much as I knew about her birth, my Dad’s Uncle – Dr. David Thomas from the Missionary Hospital in Mathura. She doesn’t have ABS technology, power steering, air-conditioning, coiled suspension, feather touch pedals, etc. thus setting one thing straight…she wasn’t born for smooth rides!

Dad bought her in the fall of ’88 and since then she has been ridden by three generations of my family – My Granddad, My Dad & Me. As a kid, I loved siting on my dad’s lap when he used to be driving, and on an open road, I’d hold the steering wheel gloating at the fact that I am actually driving here. I remember the old Pioneer Cassette Player we had in the glove compartment with a pair of 1992 model 25-Watt Sony speakers (which still play beautifully!) where Abba, Beegees and Carpenters just played on! And finally the seat behind the driver’s seat…always my favourite. It was one SUV that we had countless memorable family moments!

Coming to my mom, she has a special connection with her. For my mom, the Gypsy was a better friend than diamonds! Till date she still hails her the best she has driven. Mom used to own the road with her and I’m definitely not implying that she was or she is a rash driver! But on the contrary, she never had a glimpse of a frowned eyebrow. Betsy (as my dad used to fondly call her!), being the beast she was, My mom rode her as a paper boat on still waters!

Coming back to the Gypsy, she was an eight seater: two in front and six at the back. The paralleled long seating at the back gave it ample space at the back for a perfect family & friends outing! I remember this once, our whole family of 14 just fit in her and not one complaint from any one of us but countless moments of joy!

The best part about her, she has the suspension on her wheels and old style gear box for the four-wheel drive. A little trivia: four-wheel drive provides power to all the four wheels of the vehicle giving it a system of a push and pull as compared to the conventional push system by the behind wheels. The power  she exudes then is legendary! A pure beast made for off-roading.

Notice I have been using the word ‘she’ for her. For starters dad named her Betsy and treated her as a lady, Hence, the ‘she’ and  she is moody, exudes beauty, yet strong within. For my family, she is more than just a vehicle or a thing…she was and is a part of our family…She displays emotions, she has the grace of a queen and she has been there in our times of joy and sorrows.

Sadly, two years ago, we were to lay her down because of her non-usage and her old age. A timeless legend just put down to rest is what I could not digest. I still believe she had it in her. When I first saw her in that condition, my heart froze…rusted parts, jammed controls, dust choked etc. But I knew she was not ready to hang up her wheels! This is where my Mom comes in to picture, without her help and support I could not have dreamed of reviving The Gypsy.

A special thank you and deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Sana, Dadi, Karl Uncle & Suzie Aunty, Choti Chachu & Arpana Chachi, Koki & Monu, Monty, Baba Chacha, Anthony, Chotu, Chirag, Nachu and to all my friends and family. Without your support and help, she could have never rolled out on the asphalt on her own.

Last December she arrived on the land of Bombay – the ultimate place for off-roading majorly because of its irregular crude roads! I layed my hands on her and since then, there was no looking back. I have enjoyed driving her every single moment and I can’t help but smile at her every time I leave her in the parking lot. People may hate the roads of Bombay, but I see a oppurtunity, a road where she loves to ride without any qualms or complaints, as she would rightfully say – I wasn’t born for smooth rides!

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Dancing with stones

Eggs have no business dancing with stones


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Luke 23:34

Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do…


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