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Hello world!

Finally started

It was in the summer of 1993, sitting with an unused diary in my hand, that I chanced upon the idea of creating a scrap-book of all the recipes that I had collected over the years from various publications. I have lost count from the numbers of various newspapers, magazines, books and old friends recipe books that I can not acknowledge all of them individually, but would like to collectively acknowledge all of them for these recipes, if any rights issues or property issues are there. I have painstakingly cut and pasted each of them into various sections into that old diary and am continuing to do so. I have been extensively using these recipes whenever I am cooking for my family and friends and I have developed some favorites that I keep repeating. This blog is to share them with you and give you advise on recipes, on what to make and when. I would also love to hear from all you foodies out there in this world. Welcome to my blog!


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